Sunday, February 9, 2020

Find Me

   My post ChezKleinsteMotte is not appearing in the feeds but can be reached by going to my profile in the area of years and months I posted. If you have any clue how I can fix this feed issue please let me know. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Chillie Pepper came to live at our house full time almost two years ago. My daughter left her with us as she moved into a small country town for work. She can be very affectionate and drools when petted. She also likes to lo lick my skin if I am not careful. I do not want to be mean but I find her wet stuff scary since she has had her share of parasites. No we do know one cat parasite will transfer to humans and may be located at a brain level where it cab stay forever. Why? Maybe to ensure the human becomes part of the cat world?
I also have Ellie who was left behind over 8 years ago by my daughter who married moved to UK. Ellie is now 14 and is a rescue pet who just comes around for a feed, a brushing or a little petting. She is not into licks.  
 I think I am not a true cat lover  because I do not really enjoy cleaning their litter every other day. That is the what I dislike very much and I feel bad about it.
Are you fond of cats?
Have you seen the movie or the live production? 
Buddy loves both cats and we did manage to see the live show once but years ago. 
He is keen to join me to shop for food and litter and sometimes cat grass. He will feed them but litter is left for me to clean.
  OH OUR CATS are my dilemma.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

A Visit

   Please Visit my other blog to get an update.
I shall posts photos here again soon.Been in a bit of a rough patch.

Friday, August 9, 2019


   During the nice days of summer we try to get out in our local area. One of our recent trips was go to downtown and theta the lake we opted for an island boat tout that lasts about an hour. It felt good to be out on the water.
   Moving along side the island shores we were struck by how high (3') the water level was. It has caused some serious damage and will continue to be an issue as rains are relentless and powerful. It is sad to see trees and BBQs bobbing in the water that once was parkland. Luckily many docks  along the coast are floating type so those with boats were able to moor them. After the tour we walked along the Queen's Quay boardwalk and again saw how high the water level is. Scary!!
Hope you like our photos.
I love the way the CN Tower appears to be part of a condo. Illusions can be fun. Of course the photo of me above was taken by Buddy who always takes pride in caring and sharing. Hope your August is a good one.

Saturday, June 22, 2019


It seems my photo blog from yesterday ended up on my other blog. Weird. This time I hope my photos end up here.
I begin with the selfie in the plane.

We stayed at an Airbnb near to our family. The neighbours had a lovely front garden that cheered us up on the mostly rainy, cool visit.

Our grand gals were such a hit. We love them dearly.

Two weeks of visit was too short. 
but modern tech lets us see them on screen almost daily.
We thank you for dropping by always.
Happy summer to you all.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter Fun

   Time seems to slip by so fast now. Easter came very late this year and outside it still looks like early March for nothing is green yet. In fact we still have moments of snow. Buddy and I decided to to decorate a bit with fresh new kitchen linens, new bath mats in all our washrooms and then add some fragrance with fresh cur carnations in our living room .

   We did"t stop there. This year we opted to make a small batch of rich dark chocolate coolies with added dark chips and they made our house feel so much cosier and festive from their delicious smell.

   We also decided we needed some colourful eggs for it to look like Easter so be bought a few white eggs, boiled them and then using vinegar, warm water and neon food colouring to create these.

And now we are happy that we made the effort for today Easter is here and we feel the joy.
Happy Easter or Happy Spring to you all.
Do share what you did for it makes Buddy smile and of course I get the joy too.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Special Times

  So much keeps happening for weeks that I am simply growing older without time to reflect on the negatives like aches or vision issues. I must say I hope I do not jinx this. 
  The holiday time gave us chances to meet up with many of our family ties and it felt great most of the time. I shall post more on my other blog as this is to be photos.
  Here is one of my gals, daughters and granddaughters, sisters, Auntie loves playing with her niece while Mom looks on happily just chilling with her youngest wh is also watching..

    On NEW Years Eve our Buddy always makes sure we get all into the moment festively. He got the hats and stuff out of storage during the day and made sure the bubbly pomegranate was chilled and toast glasses were set. This photo is from the first minutes of 2019. We played the original game of Sorry leading up to midnight to end that year.

   This year will mark our Golden Anniversary. I never dreamed I would be blessed to live this long and enjoy the journey even though it still comes with hard knocks. 
   I feel happy to have my follower friends who cheer me on. May it continue as the days move along another year of special times.

P.S.  Did you se the wolf moon on Sunday? It was too cold and cloudy here.

Saturday, December 22, 2018


   This year is exceptionally busy and my internet time stayed at an all time low. As I type my grandkids are playing downstairs with their  parents so I just took a moment to post a small update.
Christmas Eve will be at our home and we shall have an early dinner followed by gift sharing as the kids leave Christmas Day to be at the  inlays.
    Luckily they left UK before the drones took over Gatwick Airport halting so many planes and preventing folks from a pleasant trip to be with families. We are blessed they made it by coming a week sooner. 
   In November Buddy , hubby and I were in Vancouver B.C. where we managed to go to a Christmas Market while touring other sights too.
Buddy loved all the hustle and bustle at the market.

My favourite photo was this following, a large box of lights.

   May all of you enjoy your special time of the year. We know from past posts each of you will be celebrating in your own different ways. May it be full of joy and happiness.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Trump Putin and Money

As many of you are heading to polls if they let you or even if you mail in a ballot do not underestimate the unfortunate push to make votes not be counted or even go missing as the democracy of the current western countries is not without criminal messing.
The book by Unger has confirmed my suspicion for years. Putin is playing with the USA as well as Europe. 
I can only hope that the evil going on can be stopped by a united effort to stop Trump from further lies. He is not fit as the man to hold up the laws nor the military. 
Will NOVEMBER 6 be his downfall? The USA deserves better. Dictators have an evil way to create blind followers. Trump has many of them.
I am not American but I am an immigrant in Canada as the result of WWll and I have heard my family speak of how many Germans were duped by an evil leader. Once in power that man gradually made life hell all over Europe, even causing the Canadians and Americans a fierce battle off their shores, loosing many.
Back then Russia also played tricks. The evil leader switched sides to help defeat Germans but then took more than the fair share of the bounty changing many borders to be part of his property and that evil man continued a dictatorship that led to the cold war. It ended  Nov. 9,1989. That was a time when hate lost. But it needs constant reminders or it resurfaces. 
Today Russia still has issues. The leader controls freedom of speech and uses propaganda to have control. Putin has taken wealth and power.
Trusting Trump would include trusting Putin and all the illegal funds flowing between them. 
Trump never disclosed his source of income for a reason.
Powerful reading. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Our Tour August 2018

Finally I was able to post photos. Above is a castle as viewed from the Rhine boat cruise between Rudesheim and St.GOAR.
The Dome in Cologne was super interesting and I have many pics but here is an  unusual angle shot. The Done is again getting a reno. 
Buddy is standing in the town square in Frankfurt on the Main.
Here is an old castle in Lauf Germany where we stopped for lunch after leaving Prague and heading to Frankfurt.
Prague is viewed from the Moldau perspective  There are pics of the castle and cathedrals too but I chose a water scene.
This is at the town square in Prague. We had one day to tour the city on our own the day before our larger group EU tour and we opted for a couple of hours by cab with a driver who spoke some English. He showed us places more dear to locals than our official tour guide that followed the next day. it was worth experiencing the city the cab way.
The Dresden Hauptbahnhof is getting a huge make over for bullet trains to run between Dresden and Prague to cut down travel time between to countries. This is a joint venture and it will be ready soon. EU is transforming in many ways. 
Buddy stands at the foot of a castle and winery just outside Dresden where we stayed in a lovely resort. It was great to do some rural touring too.
Our trip began here in Berlin on August 6. Buddy is sitting on he roof top restaurant where we enjoyed a fantastic breakfast overlooking the city. the day was hot but fabulous. Berlin was the place hubby asked to see. Our hotel was right in the heart of the fancy shopping district. He took a few hours to explore his favourite brands and only bought one outfit on sale. For him that took some self restraint.
In Berlin we also rented a cab for a personal city tour and our driver was very impressive showing us more than a tour bus might have. The cab's AC was much needed on this day as Berlin hit record high temperatures. In the distance is the old St.Nicoli church. 
Buddy is wearing his Marvel T-shirt at the Brandenburg Gate, one of the many stops our cab driver made possible.
This piece of architecture is around the area of the Gate and was located to the east. Berlin is now thriving after the reunification.

As you can see my photos follow no sequential order and I did not care today.My main aim was to reconnect my blog to photos and that goal was met. I shall try to share more soon.

PS. Our hearts go out to all who are now stuck in the horror of hurricane Michael. We send you our positive vibes.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

  Today is our Canadian special harvest holiday and so I searched to find at least one photo that would let me post. The yummy rhubarb slice was served to me while in a lovely resort like hotel outside of Dresden on our August tour around the EU ending in the UK to spend more time with our little grandkiddies. Buddy and I stayed an extra three weeks and got royal tours of two castles , a manor and the seaside at Brighton. 
   I wish I could post more photos but my devices currently seem not to allow much likely because of some setting for sharing? Anyway I must say we three had a dream come true tour and I am ever so grateful for choosing Prague where my parents were married and much history was made along with many other well known places like Berlin, Paris, Cologne and Amsredam. ‘Wow’ is what Buddy had to say a lot and hubby was thrilled to be sitting on a boat on the Moldau and seeing Smetana’s tomb along with other Czech composers and then floating along the German Rhine past many castles and the famous Lorelei spot. 
   As we age all is harder but we still have the good fortune to try to learn and see whatever we opt for and that sure is a blessing.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Time Away

  How fast July passed. We had numerous birthdays and a sudden critically ill relative so we were rather busy,We did squeeze in a couple of days to spend time in Stratford to see three fantastic productions including a very unique version of Coriolanus by Shakespeare.  The use of our modern technology was very well applied to make the play seen totally relevant for today’s younger crowd, Comedy of Errors is always fun to experience up close in the smaller Studio Theatre. The costumes were rather unique but fun and transgender actors played well
 And we thoroughly loved To Kill A Mockingbird as too. We always stay a night or two when we go so we can enjoy the gardens and shops too. Being three to a room we find the Arden Hotel just right. I even made use of their pool and hot tub the morning of our departure day,
  Later today we leave behind out city and head off on an adventure in Europe. We’ll fly to Berlin where they are having an awful heat wave from winds of Africa, We will tour Berlin , Leipzig and Dresden till the 12 th and head for Prague to join our first ever tour group for the next 11 days, Since the tour ends in London of course we’ll stay a bit with our kids too.
While away who knows if blogging will fit in,  I shall try. I will be away till September 18, With my failing vision I hope to experience all I can while I can, Buddy is excited. 

PS No photos this time as my app is not working on my iPad.