Thursday, August 26, 2010


Rosa's been growing  many things in her garden. Some of her bounty arrived over our common fence. She's  generous but sad that raccoons are picking her peached. These green grapes are the sour kind but a favourite of mine. The fresh basil is so fragrant and the tomato's such a lovely bright red. It's an odd shape. This composition was created on one of my favourite pieces of furniture. And that is???
P.S. Of course I checked for bug protein before tasting.Spiders love vines.  LOL


Sandra said...

great composition on this photo, i love sour grapes to, the tomatoe is adorable with its little growth. i think it is sitting on a deck chair outside somewhere.

George said...

I agree with Sandra. I think you've put this beautiful still life together on a piece of outdoor furniture or on a cot.