Friday, May 25, 2018


Spring finally made it’s way into our area May 22 when these blossoms appeared. For our area that is quite late. But of course what arrives next is extreme heat and storms. That is our forecast for today.
Today is also my little sis’s BD. I recall her arrival in the 50:s vividly. She is a born Canadian.
My SIL shares a BD with my sis. Happy times as they came to my place to have fun.

July marked the arrival of grandbabe in my sister’s arms first BD and Buddy’s. It was held at SIL’s house up by Lake Simcoe and kids went kayaking before heading nack to UK.
In three days I head to UK for the next grandbaby’s arrival. I hope to arrive before baby but it is getting very close as daughter is having some prelabour symptoms.
And for the first time Buddy and hubby will follow me two weeks later. I pray for their safe arrival. I shall try to stay calm during all this. It is hard.
Arrivals can be both fun and stressful.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


    Friday May 4th a powerful 110km wind howled through our area and knocked down trees and created huge power outages. The above photo is a candle on my highboy reflecting a bit off the photo of my three childres' collection. It was past 9pm and I retreated to my room to listen to an old walkman that I had in a nearby drawer. All it needed was fresh AA batteries and I had those too. I had intended to gift the walkman to a Cuban but it never left my drawer. It is pictured below. It needed headphones to pick up reception and to listen to anything. No built in speakers came with that model. It was also useful for playing and recoding tapes. I still have a few the kids made.
   It was a comfort to listen first to a thought provoking talk prgram and then to a comedy channel that presented jokes from comedians 
dating back to my youth, names like Jack Benny and Dudley Moore. By 10pm I had had enough so I removed my ear buds , switched off the battery supply and blew out the candle. After a few moments I  drifted into a deep sleep.
     In the morning I awoke to a silent house and I realized it was still   power is out . UGH!!! So I decided I needed to search for a transistor radio with speakers to listen to programs. With no power a bit of radio news and music would be pleasant. I soon found one. Although it was last used in 2013 the battery was still good. 
I just had to post pictures of my old devices that I once marvelled at and thought were once very high tech. LOL
What is remarkable is that these items were returned to us after a house fire 10 years ago. They had survived and were still in good working condition when I unpacked them from the boxes of saved stuff put together by the insurance people.(We are still waiting for money for the fire damage though!)
I used to have that transistor in the last photo on my classroom desk over 35 years ago to play classical music while my pupils did their math work. They enjoyed the background music.
Saturday afternoon we went to hubby’s office to charge our devices for the upcoming day. We stayed a bit and watched streaming videos while hubby did his thing. At 7pm we headed home. Since our gas worked using a match we were able to heat water and food. We had candle jight dinners both nights.
Our power finally came back that evening around 9:30 pm after we had relit the candles. Of course we took time to watch a bit of TV.
    Since the weather was cool our food in the freezer and fridge remained safe enough to be consumed. We were spared losses. Others were not so lucky.
Do you have any of your old tech around that still works?

Monday, April 30, 2018

What a Pattern

Buddy and I were amused at the way the snow melted over the day are happy to be out walking . Soon we hope to see leaves and green grass.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Crazy Icy April 2018

The final photo is how it looked on Monday April 16. There was more icy snow in the forecast and schools were closed. Today the snow is still all around. We had ice falling off our famous CN Tower. Businesses near by were closed to protect people from falling ice. We even had to shift a baseball game because of this dangerous icy mess that caused a hole in the stadium roof. A double header was played the following day. Most crazy was people still opted to drive like idiots causing over 1600 plus accidents with one fatality. Whoever says climate change isn’t real is living in a bubble and does not see the global picture. It is 29C in the London UK area. That too is not what is a norm.

 It srated fast on Thursdayafternoon.
 Ten minutes later ice pellets became very visible.

 Out front the road and walkways were an icy mess. We were warned to stay imdoorrs.
This is a closeup of the pellets found on our balcony.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter 2018

   Buddy and I wish you all the joys of spring Easter and any other special events happening at your end. We decorated a bit and coloured eggs too. Tradition makes it our annual thing to do. However our family gatherings have shifted to brunch away from home. It was fun to be out surrounded by other like minded people who preferred to dine out. People came dressed in all sorts of outfits from very fancy to a few who were a bit too casual though there were no torn jeans. An Easter bunny paraded from table to table and a piano player’s music was welcomed in the background. I am happy wewe able to spend this time and reflect on how fortunate and blessed we are.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Reshaped by Irma

   (January 15 to 22,2018 Memories Flameco Cayo Coco)
This photo taken from our corner balcony gave a great view of the cruel harsh makeover the hurricane forced onto this area of the keys in September. It wiped out entire forests of tall palm trees that used to give shelter all along the beach. The hard coral on the coast vanished under the sand. The ocean water receeded a lot thereby creating a wider surface of beach sand  to enjoy. I cannot imagine how an ocean can shift itself so drastically. But it does. I saw the before and now the after.
   Much work by every resort employee went into clearing up all the mess left by Irma and they toiled with speed and pride to get the resort back to a place that both they and their guests would enjoy again. 
   We sure did.  And having been there before we were amazed both by what a storm can do to restructure the landscape and how hard and fast the determined staff has managed to clear and rebuild all that was needed.  They were given the tools and supplies promply and they did whatever they could. Chefs, waiters, housekeepers all did everything needed until the place was ready for them to resume their regular roles. And they greeted and welcomed us back with big smiles happy to see us again. Incredible.
   Of course some took a moment to share their story of their experience and we listened with much admiration. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Winter ExodusWin

  Winter is harsh and Buddy and I are heading south to be more active.
The photo is the view from my bedroom window. It is -20C and just too icy cold for winter fun. We hope some walks along cayo beaches off Cuba will get us more active and healthy.
  We hope the weather won’t impede our flights. 
  Let the fun begin as we leave today.

Thursday, December 21, 2017


   On Sunday Buddy went down to the basement to bring up our tree as it was going to be cecorated later in the day. The tree is stored in three parts and usually it has been put together by a sister. This year was different. While hubby and I were binge watching Crown he managed to put the tree together as seen in the first photo. I was so happy for him as he felt very proud of this achievement.
   After supper his sister who dropped by joined him in putting the ornaments on the upright tree. First they figured out the lighting and added a remote for easy on off options and then they put the skirt around the base. There was lots of laughter and then we were called to see their creation. The smile I captured on Buddy’s face says it all. His joy brings joy to us.
   I took a close up of an ornament as our greeting to all of you.  Here’s wishing you the very best this holiday season. Seeing my reflection in it made me recall what a busy year has just passed us all globally and locally. May we be grateful for our blessings once again.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

International Arrivals

   Buddy waits patiently as I check for our prearranged taxi ride. We have come to spend a couple of weeks at our daughters to play with our grandgirl.
   The wee one is 17 months and already talks a lot and she has a mind of her own. With yes and no she selects what she wears and eats. She is so well coordinated that she can balance well on a tiny stool. I was quite surprised at the speed of  her development.
   Great news ; next grandbaby is arriving in June.
   We continue to try to keep up with all of you by reading and commenting. If we missed you lately please give us a nudge in the comment section.

Monday, October 2, 2017


the third week of September was one of unusually high tepmeratures. It was hotter than mosr of our July,August was this year. And since we wanted to enjoy the moment we set our for Wonderland on Sarurday September 23 where they had the theme of Oktoberfest.

Buddy was enjoying a tukey knockwurst with sauerkraut while trying to stay cool in the shahe as it was 38C. We managed to get on a log ride and were completely soaked. How refreshing.

 The evening came fast and we enjoyed our day trip. It has been years since we did a Wonderland visit.
  We love this season and are new to white pumpkins that are appearing this year. I hope your fall is as nice as ours so far.
  We do pray for help to the many less fortunate and try to send a bit of help and lots of positive vibes.
There are some very uprooted people on the globe at this time. We care.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Glimpses of Clouds

Soaring in the atmosphere brings us closers to cloud formations and sometines they appeal to our senses with awe. During my recent jouney while Irma, Jose and Maria cloud formations were toturing massive expanses below them the clouds surrounding our planes created a palette of art for the eyes to feast on.

Monday, September 18, 2017


   She wanted to be home. She wanted to move on. Today her wish came true as she drew her last breath in her bed in her home. She had a long and very active life dating back to,1921. She will be missed. I was blessed to be at her side in Hannover. May she rest peacefully now.
Ursula is the little one on the left beside her mother Gertrud and her big sister, Marianne, my mother. I assume the photo dates back to about 1923 when Ursula would have been two.