Friday, March 2, 2012


Today is a special day. March 2. 1918 was Marianne's birthday. She is the lady in red. To her far left is her sister, Ursula who celebrated her 90th birthday last July. My sister and I (girls in middle) flew to be with her for that occasion.   
To day Marianne will be in our hearts. We shall celebrate the life she shared with us. Buddy and I are going for a late lunch date to make this a special occasion.
P.S. Buddy thinks my little sister resembles his little sister (RERREMEMBER 2011).


Honest Abe said...

Nice that the little sisters compare.

Marie said...

Happy birthday to Marianne!

Dee said...

Dear Kleinste Motte,

What a touching posting. I so hope you and Buddy enjoyed your treat.