Friday, March 9, 2012

Hard Rock

  Isn't our world full of amazing sites? These photos depict gorgeous rock formations in the area of Devon, UK. Daughter will have to take me to see these when I visit her.
  I cannot imagine how many centuries those layers have captured people's attention. The way the rocks are stacked here give an impression of one giant mushroom.

  Below it looks as if the rocks were just tossed about by some amazing force as if to amuse.
   But is this land is really only suitable for grazing animals that can climb rocks? Goats?                          
                                        ROCK STARS


Kiki said...

Hallo Heidrun!
Mein Englisch ist nicht so gut. Deshalb schreibe ich dir lieber in Deutsch, damit du nicht zu sehr lachen musst! ;-) Aber du kannst ja auch deutsch, wie ich lesen konnte bei deinem Kommentar bei mir.
Wunderschöne Steinformationen sind das auf den Fotos. Und die Rosen in deinem Headerbild: einfach nur wundervoll!! Schade, dass es noch keine "Geruchs-Blogs" gibt!
Liebe Grüße, Christa

Charlene: the Polarblogger said...

Wow, amazing and impressive! And nicely presented.

Olga said...

The rocks are amazing. I have so, so many pictures of rocks from vacations. They fascinate me.

Sandra said...

i love rocks, big, little, short, tall. these are amazing and have been there for ever looks like. hope you get to go visit her soon

Cheryl said...

I have visited the county of Devon many times. The rock formations are fascinating and have been there for thousands of years.

Goats.....hmmmmmm, I wonder??

Dee said...

Dear Kleinste Motte,

Thank you for posting these photographs and telling us where they are. I so hope some day I'll get to Devon and see them.


Anonymous said...

I can imagine men in animal skins running around here and I can see the rocks when dinosaurs brushed against them. Wonderful. Did you talk to the rocks to see what they had to say? I always hug trees and rocks.

Marie said...

Great photos, Heidrun! I know you will enjoy seeing these formations when you get to the UK to see your daughter, too. I'd love to go! :-) Hope you had a great weekend!