Saturday, July 1, 2017

Glass Concert Hall

  On June 21 the three of us took  public transit into downtown to attend a concert. Karl Orff"s Carmina Burana was being put on as part of the TSO collection for the celebration of Canada's 150 years of Confederation on July 1st.
   We were a bit early so we walked around the area and were amazed at the many new glass high rise buildings that had sprung up around the concert hall that opened 35 years ago. 
   Glass as a building material has had me wondering for many years. While it appears to look so glamorous I wonder if it can stand the test of future weather changes or time.
The concert itself while composed in the 1930's was a stark contrast to modernity as it was made up of many vocal pieces all written in latin about secular peasant life around Bavaria at about 1300 A.D. The information had come to Karl from notes from a monestary and he found a superb way to tell it. It was a thrill to hear it.
     Grand child turned today. Buddy will be 44. I move up a notch too.
           Happy 4th of July to many American friends.
P.S.  Carina Burana may be found on Youtube if you want to hear it. Many of you will recognize the opening.


Sandi said...

It is incredible what people can build!

Olga Hebert said...

Happy 150 years to Canada. I will look up Carina Burana on YouTube.

Arkansas Patti said...

Hope you had a great Canada Day and hoping Buddy has a great 44th.

Ginny Hartzler said...

What an unusual and artistic building. There are many glass buildings around here. Even our local hospital. I don't know how they make it so strong, but it seems to work.

Sandra said...

beautiful buildings and happy 44th to Buddy

Dee said...

Dear Heidrun, happy 150th! What a wonderful concert that must have been.

Like you, I wonder about glass and heat. Peace be to you. Dee

Wendy said...

Nice concert - I'll check it out on Youtube. Oh I don't like glass much at all. I find it too harsh, too glaring, except when you're sitting indoors and want to look out the window. LOL.

But for a whole building? Hmmmm.