Saturday, May 6, 2017


She wasn't even born this time last year
and already she's standing at the bookshelf 
finding something that appeals to her tender age 
of 10 months at the local library. I cannot get 
over the speed at which an infant moves from 
helpless to one of curiosity and testing all that
is around. My daughter is a most patient Mom.
Buddy, like all of us, is smitten by this tiny person. 
We are all excited that the family is visiting again soon.
They will be back for 
Canada's Big Bash 
150 years as a nation as she turns 1!
Time passes fast so it won't be long from now that 
we'll be together again.
              She uses her right tippy toe to balance herself on the floor and 
                   places her left hand on the shelf for firm support. Standing        alone has developed. Walking support free will come soon.


Linda Reeder said...

Another blogger just shared the fledging of baby birds from the nest. This is a similar process for the human child. Both are wondrous to behold.

Ginny Hartzler said...

So cute, and active! I hope you get to see her frequently.

Sandra said...

she is absolutely adorable and my kind of baby, a reader. I love reading above all other things I do... that pointed toe is just to cute for words.

Olga Hebert said...

I love that little balancing, pointed-toe leg technique. Absolutely adorable. They grow so fast. It seems as though my granddaughter was tis size just yesterday, but next month she will turn 16...driver's license time!

Arkansas Patti said...

She is so adorable and quite active for 10 months. Wonderful that she is all ready showing an interest in books. Bet Uncle Buddy loves his role.

Aritha said...

Aaaah, so sweet!

Betsy Adams said...

Glad you get to see that little bundle of joy again soon... She's gorgeous!!!! They do grow up SO fast..... ENJOY her while you can...


Wendy said...

What a sweetie!