Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Gitfed Moments

I love when flowers are given to me by hubby. He still thinks of doing this.
Buddy is happy too at those special moments yet they are now fewer.
And sadly hubby forgets when he brought them at times by asking how they came to our table.
We just cherish good moments now no matter how brief.
There is a huge downside to memory loss. It is the anger and frustration that the afflicted is filled with. Fear too.
We focus on gifted moments whenever we can.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


She wasn't even born this time last year
and already she's standing at the bookshelf 
finding something that appeals to her tender age 
of 10 months at the local library. I cannot get 
over the speed at which an infant moves from 
helpless to one of curiosity and testing all that
is around. My daughter is a most patient Mom.
Buddy, like all of us, is smitten by this tiny person. 
We are all excited that the family is visiting again soon.
They will be back for 
Canada's Big Bash 
150 years as a nation as she turns 1!
Time passes fast so it won't be long from now that 
we'll be together again.
              She uses her right tippy toe to balance herself on the floor and 
                   places her left hand on the shelf for firm support. Standing        alone has developed. Walking support free will come soon.