Saturday, January 14, 2017

Unusual Tulips

It was NewYear's eve when hubby made a kind gesture by arriving home with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. White tulips, a very unusual flower for this time of yer. I was thrilled for my Mom passed on a tradition that one should have fresh flowers to go into the new year. Tulips were one of her favourite flowers. Earlier in the day Buddy and I had tried to pick up cut flowers at our local grocers but nothing worthy was left so we just brought home a few delicacies for our threesome to enjoy later that eve. 
Buddy had asked for a party. I assured him we would have fun. He went down to the basement and brought up the hats and goodies that go with the tradition just before hubby came home.
Hubby still manages to head to his office though he gets very little done. At the moment we don't want to take that from him until becomes absolutely necessary since it is one aspect of his daily routine that helps his sense of self worth and identity. He believes he is fine.
Since by now many major clients as well as his trusted long employee have left him because of his behaviour that lead to huge arguments and disagreements it seems okay. His ability to be precise as their accountant is likely compromised as his dementia increases. No clients currently are at risk. He still has a few small trusted clients willing to hang in for now knowing things are changing.
It has been two weeks that the tulips came to our home and today they are still upright. I have never had tulips last so long. It is truly an unusual bunch. I smile when I see them.

Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year"s Concert 2017

This concert was put together in the style of a Viennese New Year's Concert with music from the 1700, 1800 and 1900 hundreds. Waltzes from the Strausses were familiar to most and then there were bits from Lehar that were less well known but perfect for the event.
We were so fortunate to be right at the front so Buddy and I could enjoy the details on the dancers costumes as they lept around the front of the stage. The arias were also captivating, even enchanting.
The entire performance was full of joy and had us laughing and clapping along as requested by the Kappelmeister.  The dancers dazzled us with period costumes in most of their dances.
At intermission there were tables set up filled with big slices of Black Forest cake or huge portions of Strudel with any amount of whipped cream as desired for one to enjoy with a coffee or a tea or whatever else one would prefer.
The second part of the concert was over almost too soon. However, the Kappelmeister stretched out the ending by adding a couple of fun polkas before the finale.
It was definitely a very uplifting afternoon. As we headed home we knew there would be a family gathering of kids and cousins to join us for dinner and we were definitely already in a festive mood thanks too the concert, Salute to Vienna held at Roy Thomson Hall.
Have you ever had that Viennese traditional concert experience?