Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Today Buddy is busy preparing our family"s activity calendar. 
It will be full of events. 
Tonight we head to our local BIL's for dinner.
Not local BIL who visited since September 21 leaves October 2 and we have a visit to the dentist at 2.
October 4 we must attend Leif"s funeral at 1, a very sad occasion.
October 6  my sis and I fly to Europe for 10 days visiting family.
October 13 is the Canadian Thanksgiving.
October 21 Stradford Festival for a King Lear special performance. 
October 23 is sister's birthday.
October 24 Madame Butterfly Opera at the Four Seasons.
October 31 is Justin's birthday and Halloween.
Looks like this month will fly by just like all the rest.

Above are photos that Buddy and I have collected. The first two come from our walks in our neighbourhood. We love to walk and talk when the weather is nice. I liked the way the weeds pooped out at us through a fence. He spotted the maple leaf on the sidewalk. It's contrast to the concrete gave me a nudge. I just had to capture it for him. Finally there is one arrangement Buddy sleeked for our table centre because it has fall colours. He likes to help select floral arrangements with a seasonal look. I just love his taste!

How is your October shaping up?