Monday, June 30, 2014


July 1st is our national holiday to celebrate the confederation of provinces into one nation, one Canada. Currently there are 10 provinces and three territories. 
The tiniest province P.E.I. joined in 1873 yet its capital, Charlottetown, was the birthplace of the Confederation in 1864 when it held the Charlottetown Conference the began the porcess.
The actual Confederation took place July 1, 1867. The provinces of New Brunswick, Nova 
Scotia, Quebec and Ontario formed the first union at that time. All the rest joined at their own pace.
Initially there was a Canada West, Ontario and a Canada East, Quebec. To get a handle on internal rivalries of these growing colonial areas it was thought unification might help, hence the idea of one Canada.l
Today Il find myself living in an area of peace and relative prosperity in a very multicultural environment in Ontario, Canada and it feels good. 
It's time to celebrate. Let more red and white flags be raised with pride for the occasion.
Happy Canada Day !!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Both rses Buddy and I planted are finally blooming. It is already summer and it took until this week for them to come to full bloom. That they made it through the crazy harsh winter we had is fabulous.
How's your garden doing??