Saturday, March 29, 2014


   Once again I sit at my laptop hoping to be the inspired blogger I used to be because my eye op has successfully delayed some rapid vision deterioration but I just can't seem to feel that spark.
   Our little get away was fun but also had a darker side. Hubby is slipping into a more serious stage of memory issues and with that comes some very odd and annoying communication issues. He was not able to recall our morning routine after breakfast. Buddy and I would head for the pool while he headed for an espresso and he was to join us when done but he could never find us. Instead he would just sit by a poolside and wait. The place had several pools and we always went to the one closest to his coffee bar. He kept heading to the one closest to our room. While I quietly sorted it out it did have an impact on me. As we age we face so many odd issues that pop up. Still Buddy has a way of keeping us balanced when the going is a bit rough. He's a rock that one just has to love.
   Santa Maria has several large resorts and since the island has an 48 kilometre causeway in the Atlantic Ocean connecting it to the mainland there are no local inhabitants but a shopping area was created. Here's what we found in its parking lot;

Buddy loved the 1930 FORD taxi. It is a love for these oldies that has owners keeping them fine tuned and running. 


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Heidi, Love all of those vintage cars... Some of them look very familiar to me... ha ha... Great photo of Buddy with that 1930 Ford... I think my Daddy had one about like that one.

Sorry about your hubby... Memory problems are horrible when it comes to our loved ones. God Bless him..

But--it looks like you all had a nice get-away...

We have been traveling like crazy this month.. First was Arkansas, then Ohio, then North Carolina, and then Georgia... You'll have to catch up on my blogs when you have time..


Olga Hebert said...

Vintage cars are always a treat. I am sorry to hear abut your husband's memory problems. I just spent a day with a friend whose husband has experienced a sudden and very rapid decline. He is as sweet as ever, but cannot do anything for himself. My husbands death was quick but he was very coherent the whole time and I have come to appreciate that fact somehow.

Sandra said...

so sorry to hear about your husband and memory problems. you are blessed to have Buddy to help you... I like that taxi to Buddy. The Pontiac convertible is like my dad's but not a convertible. the Buick is like the one my husband was driving when we got married in 1963..different color. i like old cars, they have so much character.

George said...

The vintage cars are really neat, and it's good to hear that they are kept in good running condition. The only car I didn't remember was the Ford Taxi, so I guess that makes me pretty vintage as well. I'm sorry to hear about the memory problems your husband is is having. We went through some of that with my mother. It's good that you have a rock in Buddy.

Kiki said...

Oh, diese Autos sind wunderschön!!!! Ich liebe eure alten Modelle.
Liebe Grüße,

LC said...

What a charming post. Our region has an October event "Cruisin' the Coast." Several thousand vintage car owners arrive, and the different municipalities host events for the owners, their beautifully restored vehicles, and residents and visitors who love viewing the cars. It is a huge weeklong party.

Beth Niquette said...

I love your blog. I just love it. You are quite a gifted writer, you know.