Friday, April 5, 2013


As most of you know moving is a big task. There is nothing simple about taking one's stuff from one place to an other. Our first challenge after we got possession of the house was to find out why we had a gas leak in the kitchen around the fancy gas stove. We called our gas provider emergency number and waited. We brought garden chairs and a small side table so we could wait in comfort as we played on our phones but first we opened windows to air out some of the smell.
Buddy likes the new place. In the photo he's sitting in the library area.

The service person found the leak, capped the area and told us we had to get a different person for the repair job. So we booked that and he next day we returned to our same little spot to wait. After three hours the repair was done. Now we must get ready for our movers. Closets are waiting to be emptied!

We shall be in our place by the 15th. Let's hope the rest of the transfer will be smooth. 


Dee said...

Dear Heidrun, congratulations on getting the leak repaired. Now you're set to do all the rest involved in moving.

In 2009, I moved out of my home of 32 years. So many decisions to make about what to keep, what to give away, what to toss away. I hope you are getting lots of rest because moving is so tiring! Peace.

Linda said...

So glad to know that Buddy liked the new place. Moving is indeed a big task, hope things are going well for you.

Kiki said...

Hallo liebe Heidrun,
ich melde mich aus meinem kalten Englandurlaub zurück.
Ihr habt ein sehr schönes neues Heim.
Schön, dass Buddy das neue Haus auch mag. Er sieht recht zufrieden aus.
Seltsam, ich kam über meinen Firefox nicht auf deine Kommentarfunktion. Jetzt mit dem Opera klappte es. Komisch.
Liebe Grüße,