Thursday, March 7, 2013


 Here you are seeing the new front door to the foyer of the home we are hoping to get. We are currently in negotiations. We have to vacate the current home by mid May. It was five years ago yesterday that a house fire ravaged our home. We moved into a smaller house as a temporary measure hoping to get back into the fixed up place but it was not to be. 
   Now we are attempting to move into a newer home more like the one we left behind. Buddy and I are excited. Hubby has given us lots of encouragement to find a new home and get us resettled. It has made us more active and less seated by our laptop and iPad. What an adventure we are having measuring and planning where things will go.

Here's the house we that burned.
Here's what happened to Buddy's room.
Here's what the new home looks like.
And here's a masculinely decorated room Buddy has selected as his. The walls are a pale blue denim. The lighting was very poor when I snapped the photo.

   We shall be quite busy so our posts may be even more sporadic than ever
but we shall be thinking of you and trying to stay in touch as much as we are able. May you continue to be patient with us.

P.S. We are most appreciative of your kind comments. Buddy especially loves it when he gets a mention from you. Thanks for that.


Sandra said...

Buddy I love your new room and the house looks very much like what you used to have. I like the windows in buddy's rooms and love that gorgeous front door. good luck with the moving

EG CameraGirl said...

I;m excited for you! This looks like a very nice place so I hope everything works out for you.

Olga said...

Moving is always a big endeavor. All the best!

Arkansas Patti said...

Moving is a difficult chore but really does light the fires of interest.
Buddy must be excited decorating his room.

Linda said...

Buddy, I love your new room!

Kiki said...

Hallo liebe Heidrun,
es ist doch nicht schlimm, dass der Übersetzer nicht richtig geschrieben hat. Ich kann's verstehen und ich freue mich sehr, dass du bei mir vorbeischaust!
Die Tür ist wunderschön!!! Ich liebe solche Glasfronten. Euer neues Haus sieht wirklich hübsch aus. Viel Freude in ihm.
Und diese Schneemengen!!! Gerade schneit es bei uns wieder ganz fein!!! :-( Letztens war noch Frühling!!
Wie lange lebst du eigentlich schon in Kanada?
Ganz liebe Grüße an dich,

Laurie said...

how exciting!!! Beautiful home, you will be very busy but I look forward to more photos, don't work too hard, lol,
You asked which lake I live next to, I live right where Lake Huron and Lake Superior meet.I have one on my right and one on my left!

Charlene said...

Wow, that's a big house! May joy and peace accompany you in your new home.

Marie said...

Oh my goodness! I know what it's like to have a house fire! Thank goodness you were all OK. I'm sure it was hard on Buddy, especially to see his room gutted out! I bet you lost some precious things! I am so sorry! But the new house is WONDERFUL! I am praying for you guys to get it! Buddy will be so happy in that handsome new room! Wow! Let us know!!!!

Marie said...

Forgot to say--love that front door! Also, your header is great.

Vagabonde said...

How exciting to go into a new home! It certainly will keep you busy. The house looks lovely and I am sure you will enjoy it a lot.

Dee said...

Dear Heidrun, I've been away from blogging for much of the month and so I didn't realize you were in the midst of house hunting and then moving in May. The photographs of your old home--the one that burnt--and the new one you are thinking about are so attractive. And Buddy's room in the new house looks eager to have him there. I'm excited for all three of you! Please let us know--when you have the time and the inclination--what you decide to do. Peace.