Monday, July 23, 2012

Steaming Along

    Once the steam engine locomotive was the marvel as it pulled goods and passengers along many rails. This is engine Ugly 62 that runs along the Spa Valley line. That every engine created has a name and number is not surprising.
Each locomotive had its owner, UGLY's being Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Ltd. and each had a log of activities that was kept by its operators, a partnership that once brought wealth. The above website link has details in the Engines and Carriages on their side bar.
    Of greater interest to me was a company's logo, S.& L. MINERALS Ltd. secured along with the number 62 on the side of UGLY. It has a historical significance that dates back to King George lll and Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia and the W.Sydney and Loiuburg Railway, once the finest in all the world.
P.S. There are various videos for any of you who are train buffs on You Tube.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Buddy's Celebrating

Buddy picked out the cap for me.
He stands proudly clutching his new phone ready to go out to celebrate.
He has a lot that he's very happy about. His face shows no red blotches.
He is truly excited to point out that his skin has improved enormously. The plaque caused by the psoriasis is nearly all gone. An herbal supplement that he takes twice daily has made this possible. His almost normal skin has him voicing his joy daily!!
"Look my skin is back. I can see it."
The Bell skin product he takes is Canadian but can be purchased on line. Since his severe(85% plaque over the body)skin is now truly and remarkably better after taking Bell skin for 10 months, we are able to recommend it to others. Buddy started off with a low dosage once a day because we weren't sure of side effects. Finding none we recently allowed him twice a day dosage. Recommended is three times but he is improving just fine on his personal routine. Since this photo was taken his arms are now also completely free of redness and flaking. Only a tiny bit remains on his upper thighs and on his butt. It is also diminishing.

Monday, July 9, 2012

No Photos

Sadly my iPhoto program was updated at an Apple store after things weren't okay and now nothing works. I wonder at the level of competency of some staff. I assured them my files had an issue and that I wanted a complete restore. They told me they had a better way. I watched as they downloaded a file from another client while she had gone for coffee. They they added it to my files! they really are arrogant and believe what they do is correct. Apple to Apple is okay! HAHA! 
Buddy and I had some great shots to share but until my not being able to access my files my photo blog will have no photos:(