Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Red roses and chocolate mousse
 celebrating a special day during this month of

               Heart by-pass op 9 weeks ago and hubby's fine
                               back at his work, his second love
                                 First love got beautiful roses, 
                                               Chocolates too!
                     Gifted him my smiles, some red wine, 
                                               pistachios ,
                                           chocolate mousse 
                                                   SWEET :) 
                         Moments  -sharing and caring- so special 
                                          Buddy grins and
                                   Each warm hearted soul


Patty said...

You are both very thoughtful spouses. Beautiful roses and the chocolate loves yummy.

Brenda said...

all the romance thrills me, but the best part of this post is that hubby is back on his feet, recovered, and at work! good for him. we were all counting on him to do well, and he did not disappoint us.

Happy Valentine's Day to one of my favorite people in cyber world. I am so happy you are so loved. You are a truly dear woman!

Olga said...

Very romantic. Everything looks so perfect and it sounds like you have a wonderful relationship that goes beyond one day or one month of showing it.

Sandra said...

love that heart cake and rose shot. yummy on the gifts and happy he is heart healthy again and back to work.

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful that all turned out so well. This, Patty told me, was the second time for him. That made it more special. Hang in there and the two of you will be getting each other more candy for the holidays.

By the way, your profile photo is really quite nice. I was astonished to see it this morning.

Patty said...

Whoops, that was suppose to be looks not loves. LOL

Marie said...

After the heart by-pass you had a lot to celebrate this Valentine's Day! Looks like the two of you shared your love so romantically! God bless you both for many, many more!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how special.. What fabulous Valentine's gifts.. Your Sweetie is so good to you--and you to him... Like you said, a family that is LOVED.... Can't get better than that.

Glad your hubby is doing so well... Awesome!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Still on this one also...

Sandi said...

What a special Valentine's Day this one must have been for you both! Celebrating the heart surgery and continued love you share . . . what could be better!

I enjoyed reading your comments on my blog post today. It seems that the more we know, the more we realize how little we know, don't you think? There is lots to wonder about in this world.

Dee said...

Dear Kleinste Motte,
I'm so glad to learn that your husband is fine now after that serious operation. How lovely that the two of you share Valentine's Day together in such a special way and that Buddy enjoyed your joy.