Thursday, January 5, 2012


  In June my youngest daughter got Ellie, a rescue cat (born January 19, '06) from a pet centre. We have all grow very fond of her and her funny ways. She is most social with our two daughters but tolerates us. However, in three weeks she will be leaving our home. She's moving out with my eldest daughter who has rented a place closer to her tattoo shop in the city. 
   Ellie's made a FEDEX box her latest place to occupy and we tease her about shipping her elsewhere in it. 

    I think she'll be missed most of all by our the one who adopted her before she was engaged in July and then married at the end of October. It all happened so fast. In a few weeks she'll be heading to the UK to be with her hubby because her  immigration papers have been approved. 
   Ellie and our daughters will be missed, though with modern technology we can easily stay in touch. Even Ellie can be visited 'in camera'.
   Now by the end of January only Buddy, hubby and me remain in our 4 bedroom rental, our home since the house fire. It's time for our departure too. We've talked about moving and hubby has asked me to seriously look to find us a new home. Living separated from his 'little' girls soon brings him to a sadness that he displays openly. We must change that. 
   Departing can be so hard.


Sandra said...

hope you can get a cat for buddy when you get settled in a new place. i guess this means you will not build another home, but continue to rent. that is a beautiful kitty and I know it makes your daughter sad to leave it behind, but she has many new adventures in the UK to look forward to. i love to move and love new places and new homes to live in, but hubby has only lived in 4 homes in his 75 years, we moved here 22 years ago and i was ready to move in the first 10 years, not him, he gets planted and there he stays. i lived in 4 places in one year and loved it.

Dee said...

Hello again. So sorry to have been away from your blog for three weeks. I hope now to begin reading and commenting on a regular basis.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting. I didn't know that you'd lost your home in a fire. That must have been truly traumatic and so stressful. I hope that the move by mid-May can be paced so that you are not worn out by it.

I, too, hope to move this year. Back to Minnesota. I hope to put the house on the market by mid-February. But I'm trying to pace myself with regard to decluttering.

I loved the pictures of Ellie. A beautiful, strong tiger.
One of the cats with whom I live is Ellie. She is a brindle whom I found at the animal shelter. She is dear to me as Ellie is to you.


Sandi said...

I'm so glad to read that your husband is mending well. It was so worrisome, I know, to go through those scary times with the surgery.

I also know how hard it is to have the girls moving away. Ours are so rarely "home", but their rooms are still full of their stuff, so it seems like they should be!

We've been in the same house so long I would be doubly daunted to think about moving. Lots to go through before I can even think about that idea.

I hope this new year brings your family good health and happiness, and maybe a new pet to love!

Cheryl said...

Life is constantly changing, nothing stays the same.

I do so hope your daughter will be very happy in the UK. A new life beginning......

Perhaps a move is the answer and another cat to keep you all company. Pets are such wonderful companions.....

Hope all goes well for you and life gets on the right track again.

EG Wow said...

Transitions can be very hard indeed. It sounds like you are in the process of a few simultaneous changes. I wish you all the best!

Marie said...

Oh, I know you are going to miss your daughters so much! I missed mine something awful when we were back in Va. and she was here. It's hard. But hopefully there will be lots of good visits. And the kitty looks sweet...I'm sure you'll miss her as well.