Friday, July 15, 2011


 My mom"s sister Ursula has been at my side since my birth. I was born at home and she helped the midwife. In 1954 she cared for me for several months while my parents were setting up home in Canada. (SORRY photos are in reverse order.)

It was late May. We're having cake on a Sunday outing somewhere outside of Hannover.. 

March snow did not stop us from the outdoors. 

In February my aunt volunteers to care for me. My mom, on the right, is explaining some tidbits about my care before she departs to assist my dad who left months earlier.

 In 5 days I'm flying to Hannover with my sister to celebrate Ursula's 90th birthday. Auntie is very happy and so am I. She has arranged for us to stay right on site at her am amazing retirement home. This visit I think I'll fit right in. I have senior status now. But I'll need to live 25 more active years to get to her benchmark!   


George said...

Your aunt must be a wonderful lady. I hope you and your sister have a safe trip and that Aunt Ursula has a wonderful birthday.

Arkansas Patti said...

Those favorite aunts do hold a special place in our hearts. Have a safe trip and hope she has a wonderful birthday.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That is so neat, Heidi. I am so glad you get to visit your special aunt. I know how special she is to you..

Have a wonderful trip.

Sandra said...

enjoy your visit.

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

Enjoy your visit with your aunt!

Grayquill said...

I hope you arehaveing a nice visit.
Great pictures! You know I never met an auntie I didn't like. I have 17.

Sandi said...

Lovely photos! What a special trip you have planned. I hope your travels were happy! Wonderful to spend time with your dear aunt and sister!