Friday, October 22, 2010


These are pictures of the fire that occurred in our home that still stands waiting reconstruction. The area shows the worst destruction of the home. The first pic shows a ceiling in the garage which is the floor of the room in the two next pics where wooden sheets were laid to cover damaged. When you look at the wall studs, charred bricks behind them, does it make you wonder how this could be possible?
Buddy and I escaped through the now boarded up window. We were in the room when the smoke moved in. I took Buddy to the window and opened it so he could breath. Seeing a neighbour on her front lawn, I asked her to call for help.
This room used to be Buddy's bedroom. Located on the second level, it is over the garage and not directly connected to the basement where the fire began. And there is a problem here. It should not have burned so badly. The builder had not properly followed the building code of sealing the basement properly. 
To date we are still negotiating to get this place fixed. Each builder who sees the house is giving us conflicting and different options, making the process a tougher one. We had hoped it would be under construction by now but the process for the best solution continues.


Sandra said...

didn't you say it has been two years now? that is unbelieveable in itself that it is taking so long. and the other unbeleivalbe is the damage it did.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Sometimes, over here, or around here where we live, the companies who have insured the property will do their best to get a settlement to the owners. I can't imagine it taking so long.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Fires scare me to death... I have never been in one--but I have that fear inside me. SO glad you all escaped. SCARY!!!!

I wish/hope that they finally get something done about fixing up your home. I'm sure you would love to get back in there sooner than later... It's been so long...


Arkansas Patti said...

Did not know about your fire. How frightening and just so glad you excaped injury.
Can't believe it has taken so long to get a builder.How frustrating.