Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Buddy is thrilled at the changes in colours all around the pond. We like spending time together and sharing ideas so he helped to make the picture selections for this post. 

He wanted them posted extra large. He feels it shows off the beauty of the colours more. He hopes you will like his ideas. The red maple leaf photo is his favourite. Mine is the reflection at the pond. Do you have one?


George said...

Buddy and you did a great job in picking photos for this post. I'm not sure I could pick a favorite -- if I absolutely had to I guess I would take the third one.
Buddy is definitely right about the large size showing off the beauty more.

Arkansas Patti said...

You are really getting some nice color on your trees. We aren't there yet and so far, the leaves that are changing are just brown and fall off. Think this brutally hot summer may have hurt.
Thanks for sharing your color.

Sandra said...

tell buddy he made great chocies, these are wonderful to behold. i like them extra large and tell him he gave me an idea i had not thought of. when i make mine XL they go under the side bar, i had not thought about moving the side bar, now i might change mine. great post and the colors are perfect for today the first day of autumn

Brenda said...

all are beautiful. I agree with Buddy about making them big. I think I like the one with the maple leaves too. Very pretty. Good eye, Buddy.