Sunday, June 26, 2016

Horniman Museum

On June 24 I had a chance to visit the HORNIMAN MUSEUM located on London Road in Frorest Hill , London. It is one of the oldest places to be opened for viewing artifacts of the Hornimam family collection. The indoor exhibits I loved best were the stuffed animal including a giant walrus from Canada, the area of a huge collection of old instrument of all categories including a few newer ones and finally the outdoor herb and food gardens. One area was set up for Brazilian festivites for the up coming Games. The area showed assorted recipes along with all the plants one would harvest to create it. I thought it was very creative in concept. There were of course other areas showing many less familiar plants like the pomegranate one along side local ones like red currant plants. I love eating the fruits of both.
There is also a big groomed park area with benches where people can enjoy being in a green place and a gorgeous conservatory that may be book for weddings.
The added aquarium area and a dinosaur one I opted out from as they are more fun with Buddy around.
I left for you to google the history of the place. The Horiman family ran the largest tea business in the mid 1800's. 

P.S. No more iPad app for blogger from Apple has many in the teaching field very upset. I can say I too do not get why Apple withdrew this very useful app. It was great for oldtimers not just teachers and students. Apple will loose followers and revenue from such unfounded decisions claiming it was not used much. The whole field of education that opted to use iPads for classrooms was overlooked. And many seniors loved this app with its ease of use. I thought seniors had some marketing power with their ability to spend and invest in their Apple products. Nope ! News tha Apple is
now trailling may be because they wear blinders when it comes to payimg attention to all their faithful customers. The new music app really was not needed!! Give us back our blogger app. I would even pay to have it. After all it is about making money as well as satisfied folloers.


Sandra said...

i don't have apple and i do hate microsoft windows 10.. really hate it.. sounds like a beautiful place to visit. sorry you can't do your photots from your ipad. but you can take phtos with ipad

Arkansas Patti said...

I don't have Apple either and while that use to be a sad thing, perhaps now I can be more content with Windows 7. So sorry this has caused you such lack of function.
That museum sounds delightful however and a great place to spend a day.

Olga Hebert said...

I love to visit places like that. Such fun.

Betsy Adams said...

Sorry I missed this post... I've been so busy and haven't been posting as much or checking my friend's blogs as much. SORRY.

George keeps up with Apple --and he said that it wasn't Apple that pulled that app. It was BLOGGER (Blogspot).... Apple does pull apps if there are problems --mainly security. However, it was NOT an app made by Apple, he doesn't think...

We are Apple people --and didn't even know about an app like that... Hope you have found a good alternative.