Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Times

   It's been a while since I opted to write a blog though I try to visit and read many friends' posts when I can manage it. I am encouraged by your kind words whenever I appear hear. Thank you.
   We had an ice storm for Good Friday and after the green Christmas it just seemed inevitable. However it was short and only a few thousand lost power though some for many hours.
   Today the sun is out and the temperature is rising. We quickly put that ice into the past. We shall have a small family gathering for dinner. Buddy and I colour a few eggs and got some little Easter goodies to share with all. It will be the last one in our present home. Once again the landlord wishes to sell so we are on the move again. More on that some other time.
Have a very HAPPY EASTer or SPRINGIEST or just a SUPER SUNDAY!