Sunday, August 16, 2015


    It was a July that brought unusual emotional and physical lows(downs) this summer because my heart was constantly going into a race mode as if my body swung into in a fight mode. Three trips to the ER yielded little except that doctors wished to revisit the past cancer issue thus a colonoscopy and an endoscopy will happen on Tuesday. A cardio work up was also done and the conclusion confirmed that there is an arterial blockage from the aorta to the abdominal area. I have had discomfort around my belly button for a while now and a previous ultrasound gave the same outcome but the docs were not dealing with it except to try to get me on pills for a slight BP elevation and to lower the heart rate due to the episodes of racing. I rejected both. From my past experience with pills I have had a tendency to react to most medicines and it usually causes my heart to race. And since my normal pulse is already 55 to 60 when it isn't racing I figure slowing it down is not really right for me. Docs can make us sicker these days for they do not individualize treatment.They hardly listen when one talks to them and are fast to write a prescription without knowing what's in a pill. I told the cardiologist I react to yellow and red dyes. The pill he prescribed had both. Thanks to the internet I can now protect myself. On a revisit to him I mentioned it and he said these days docs have no time to keep up with stuff like that. So now you have to hope that your pharmacist might help if you don't do it yourself. That is a down side to today's heath care and trust in one's caregivers.
   My BP has never been dangerously high. It was easily lowered to normal with some herbal old remedies people have used for years. It's staying in the normal range. That's an up for me. 
    To deal with the plugged artery thing I have started daily small amounts of pomegranate juice and daily small amounts of D.E. Both claim to help with lowering of cholestrol which appears to be my issue. I find that odd since I eat only tiny amounts of meat less than five times weekly. I love veggies and salads and use very little bread or sweets unless special occasions arise and every July they do.
    The ups of July were our celebrations. July 1st was Canada Day.

Then came my birthday. It was a fun time and we ate some cake.

And that was followed by Buddy's grand day which I spoiled a bit by ending up in the ER just around dinner time. Other friends a family were there to make the rest of his day lots of fun.

His favourite gift was the the night vision goggles and it's easy to see why.
Now we are half way through August and let's hope the downs go away.