Thursday, May 7, 2015


He hears and sees a lot about using a phone for selfies so while sitting at the beach on April 23 he got the idea that he wanted to take a selfie but he wanted palm tres around himself. It would not work the way he wanted from his lounger so he made a move. in fact he made several.

After some adjusting and repositioning he finally got the pose he was looking for and smiled as he clicked.
And when I saw this final photo on his phone I was impressed. Do you see how well he positioned himself in the forest of different trees to get just the palm he wanted?
Buddy makes me smile and I admire his determination and desire for precision.

PS  We've been twice to Cuba this year to help his skin. The seawater and sunshine seem to help a bit. The April trip was more beneficial than the February one because the sea was calm enough to be in every day.


Sandra said...

i love that last selfie and all the ones while he got just the right one. that phone in Buddies hands is a real winner. great shots buddie and i love all those trees

Sandi said...

Love the palm trees! And Buddy's determination!

Was it difficult to travel to Cuba? It seems things have softened recently, but you have been going for a long time.

Arkansas Patti said...

Well done Buddy. You went for it and didn't settle.
How nice it must be for you now that Cuba and the US are speaking again.

Olga Hebert said...

Bravo, Buddy. That is a great selfie.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi there, Just stopping by to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to you. I’m sure you are having a fabulous day. I celebrated yesterday when one of my sons and his beautiful wife came to see us….

As you probably know, we’ve been out-of-town this past week and I haven’t done any blogging much at all. I hope you enjoyed my two Tulip blog posts while we were gone——and be sure and tune in tomorrow morning to find out what we’ve been doing this past week….

Enjoyed your post today! Buddy is doing a great job with his phone. Tell him that his selfies are GREAT. Hope the sea can help his skin...


Marie C said...

He did a great job! He was very persistent about doing it just right. :-)

Kiki said...

Hallo liebe Heidrun,
ja selfies ist ein großer Spaß für die jungen Leute. Buddy hat tolle gemacht.
Ich würde von mir allerdings keine machen!! :-))
Liebe Grüße und eine gute Woche,

Honest Abe Lincoln said...

Hello Heidi Kleinste Mottes Photos: Patty said you have been trying to reach me via Twitter. I have probably changed the address several times since then so you can reach me on Twitter at:

I see you are still producing some excellent photography. I seldom get my cameras out since I am not able to go outside without oxygen. But I do take pictures through the windows and in the house.

Your photos of Buddy look good to me.

I see where we have established relations with Cuba again. I'd say it is long overdue.