Sunday, May 31, 2015


  On the third of May my younger daughter who had decided I needed a bit of cheering up arrived from UK and did a role reversal. She mothered me by cooking my dinners daily, driving me to eye appointment at the hospital and getting me out to join a Senior's group. I was even joined up for an activity of a fitness nature at the local community centre that she picked for Buddy and me. It was a very cheerful 10 days and it definitely helped to reduce the stress I was feeling about my failing vision. It was the most wonderful Mothers' Day this May too. She brought me so many moments to smile and I loved her smiles.

The weather was warm so we were even able to spend time at friends for a lovely BBQ.

Right after she left I felt a bit lost but luckily this is a month of birthdays in the family and my home became the chosen one for celebrations.
Hubby, older daughter and Buddy are happy to pose for my camera.

My sister is one of the two birthday gals.

Birthdays are always a time for cheers.
Buddy had us cheering. On his right is the other birthday gal.
Hip hip hooray

Thursday, May 7, 2015


He hears and sees a lot about using a phone for selfies so while sitting at the beach on April 23 he got the idea that he wanted to take a selfie but he wanted palm tres around himself. It would not work the way he wanted from his lounger so he made a move. in fact he made several.

After some adjusting and repositioning he finally got the pose he was looking for and smiled as he clicked.
And when I saw this final photo on his phone I was impressed. Do you see how well he positioned himself in the forest of different trees to get just the palm he wanted?
Buddy makes me smile and I admire his determination and desire for precision.

PS  We've been twice to Cuba this year to help his skin. The seawater and sunshine seem to help a bit. The April trip was more beneficial than the February one because the sea was calm enough to be in every day.