Tuesday, April 7, 2015


After the harsh winter this year it would have been a nicer Easter time had we had a bit of warmth. Instead we created our own family cheer.
It started with a trip to a store where we were surprised by the LINDT bunny and Smart car on Good Friday.
We went indoors and found the Lindt staff had a spinning wheel for a chance to win a bunny so of course we all took turns. I managed to hit a sweet spot and got four minis. Even our Mr. took a turn.
From there we headed to the bigger choco bunnies that were for sale and selected three, one for Buddy, his sister and her partener.
Saturday we went to the dollar store for some reusable Easter stuff and at the grocery store we bought white eggs. In the evening we boiled some eggs and used food colour with a bit of vinegar to make them very beautiful according to Buddy who gave me a "Wow"once we were done.
Then came the finalé as we placed things on our table for Sunday morning.
Easter Sunday we had a lazy morning, took our baths and got ready for the visit of our daughter. It was agreed that all "kids" would have to hunt for a few treats both indoors and out.
Buddy was delighted with his little basket and he loved the addition of the outdoor hunt even those it was cool. Outdoor eggs were plastic stuffed with a bill of eithe $5,$10,$20 and each person was limited to finding a quota of two. Buddy got the bonus seventh egg of chocolate.
Our after noon was spent watching EXODUS and stepping into the kitchen now and then to prepare the dinner. We were blessef with a potato leek soup created by daughter, brown rice, asparagus and brussels sprouts done by me and breaded chicken breast prepared on the stove top by hubby. Around noon I had baked a plain low sugar,low fat cake to serve with strawberries and pineapple bits served with low fat whipped cream. All was delicious.
It was a cosy time together and for that I am thankful.

I do feel bad that I spend less time posting and commenting as days role by. Sadly at this time both Buddy and I are having flare ups with our health issues. I suspect stress is a huge factor. I shall post more about that on my other blog post soon.
But we do think of you for sure!!!
We hope you are well and had a nice time too.