Tuesday, December 30, 2014


    In only 33 hours a new year in my neighbourhood will commence. It is always fascinating how we all are on the same planet but because of our rotation and our journey around the sun we have developed ways to  create time mathematically and it means there are different time zones. Midnight will repeat at least 24 times until all zones have crossed into the new day and at this time the new year.
   My orchid blooms each year around this time even though it's winter and a bit cold outdoors. It does not follow a clock or a season, just a warm inviting indoor climate that makes it want to bloom. What a pleasure to see this beauty now.
   Tomorrow we're not going to have the usual party because all our young folks are busy doing their thing. Instead it will be a quiet family dinner at senior in-laws. Buddy is going to be a bit sad but I'm hoping we can enjoy a game or two before the count down. And he can bring some hats and streamers along. It will be fun because we'll make it so.
And how about you??

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


May your holiday be filled with love and joy!

Buddy is excited and very happy the tree done in time for tonight. We managed to get it decorated on the eve of the 22nd which is when it was done in my childhood days in Germany using a real fir tree. 
Times have changed. In the past years I usually had it up sooner including the real ones. This year I nearly didn't put one up. I tossing with the idea of just going to my daughter's but she wanted to come here to make us turkey dinnerd. Also Buddy reminded my about the spirit of the season and Santa. His enthusiasm brought back the magic I was loosing. He must have some angel tucked away in his soul. He is so right.
It is a time to be filled with goodness and to share it. That's what gives us real joy.
From Buddy and myself have a very Merry Christmas as we pause from gift wrapping to send this out into the cyber world via blogger dear friends.

Monday, December 1, 2014


For weeks Buddy has been telling me we are almost at December and it will be time to decorate for the festive season. He has waited patiently.  We've enjoyed a busy last week of November because my daughter and her hubby flew in from UK to surprise his Ma for her 60th BD and it was a huge family event last Sunday. 
 On Wednesday we had my family over for a German style lunch and the then hubby's brother and family for a curry feast while celebrating our niece's M.A. grad!
                Food was a yummy Thai buffet at Ma's surprise party.
 The luncheon was yeast dumplings with a choice of home made beef mushroom Gulasch or Szegediner Gulasch, a sauerkraut style stew.
In the photo is my older daughter next to my sis and her hubby, Buddy's favourite uncle because they joke around a lot when together.
Youngest daughter is chatting with her aunt to her left and cousins to her right. The eve went too fast but all in all it was a big fun family day. Young daughter even managed to add extra chillies to create a very hot chicken curry which was cooked by many and loved by those who love heat!

By Wednesday our wreaths were on the front door. A lovely winter planter at the foot of the outdoor steps came thanks to our garden gal who arrived at 7:30am to spruce up our gardens for wintertime and our family event that day. Thank goodness for her cheer.

And of course the indoor decore had begun in the kitchen family room area and the living dining room. A new table cloth was bought for this year since daughter's kitten managed to get her claws into our previous one adding some unique fabric clumps.

This lovely plant was a gift from Leif Olsen's widow, Linda who was happy to join in our busy day to see us.

Linda is to the left of my sister.
As I type Buddy is busy creating the December calendar for our family events. He's exceptionally cheerful right now.
So how are the things shaping up out your way?