Sunday, September 21, 2014

Spiderman Challenge

There's always something fun happening in city squares.Here's what Buddy and hubby were up to in Trafalgar Square in London, UK on our recent visit.

It was certainly fun for all. Look at the spectators. Buddy and the rest of us went on to watch the movie in a cinema at a big shopping centre the following afternoon.
We were really rather busy in our many travels this year and now we'd like to share some of the rare highlights.
Didn't my two guys do a super job of getting into the moment?
They are my stars at times and this is truly one of those for me.


Olga Hebert said...

Looks like fun for all--except maybe for spiderman.

Dee said...

Dear Heidrun, the photographs just make me grin. I think I often take life too seriously and it's good to see others be light-hearted.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and summing up all the postings I've done in 3 years. You've really captured the highlights. Thank you for putting it all in perspective. Peace.

LC said...

You and your menfolks have some fun--and funny, times on your trips!

Sandra said...

great shots of a lot of fun .. and i like the bystanders watching to... what fun

EG CameraGirl said...

Oh this DOES look like watch. :)

Pearl said...

I had to laugh when I saw this. Somewhere, there should be a collection of all of the different ways people pose with Spider Man!