Friday, April 18, 2014


For our festive lunch on Good Friday with my visiting sister and BIL, Buddy and I shopped for some fresh wholesome food and we added fresh cut roses into our basket. We prepared out home with a few decorations that include our self coloured eggs. We enjoy transforming them. this year we used both white and brown ones in the same colour bath to observe their different shade outcome. It was barely noticeable.
We are thankful for all we have and can share and we are excited to be entertaining. It is still early and rather quiet but soon there will be a hustle and bustle as folks clamour to make their day count. 
Since we are a nation of many faiths and many of us get this day off, with most businesses closed, people find all sorts of activities to do. One Family is busy preparing for their daughter's wedding that will take place on Sunday. They are neither Christian nor Jewish. They are Muslim. We are invited but are unable to attend.
I find it intriguing that those three religions all share a common Abrahamic connection and all arose from a relatively close range to Jerusalem where one can find a church, a temple and a mosque not far apart. 
What is fascinating is that Christians have managed to incorporate bunnies of chocolate, little chicks and all sorts of eggs to be used on Sunday for the fun part of their festivity. We saw lots of goodies while shopping.
Easter Sunday Buddy and I will be back in Cayo Santa Maria. We leave on Saturday. Hubby is very busy with filing client tax returns.
Have a great weekend.