Saturday, March 29, 2014


   Once again I sit at my laptop hoping to be the inspired blogger I used to be because my eye op has successfully delayed some rapid vision deterioration but I just can't seem to feel that spark.
   Our little get away was fun but also had a darker side. Hubby is slipping into a more serious stage of memory issues and with that comes some very odd and annoying communication issues. He was not able to recall our morning routine after breakfast. Buddy and I would head for the pool while he headed for an espresso and he was to join us when done but he could never find us. Instead he would just sit by a poolside and wait. The place had several pools and we always went to the one closest to his coffee bar. He kept heading to the one closest to our room. While I quietly sorted it out it did have an impact on me. As we age we face so many odd issues that pop up. Still Buddy has a way of keeping us balanced when the going is a bit rough. He's a rock that one just has to love.
   Santa Maria has several large resorts and since the island has an 48 kilometre causeway in the Atlantic Ocean connecting it to the mainland there are no local inhabitants but a shopping area was created. Here's what we found in its parking lot;

Buddy loved the 1930 FORD taxi. It is a love for these oldies that has owners keeping them fine tuned and running. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Today we are in the daylight saving mode once again. Spring is supposed to be in just a few days but really here in our area we are still deep in a bitter winter freeze. More snow is on it's way by Wednesday and the cold will continue on for days to come.
In my backyard I shall need to have someone shovel some of the snow away from the house to avoid basement flooding once the melt comes. I am not allowed lifting of heavy stuff yet because the retina is still healing. I just tried a bit to see the depth of the situation and there's a fair bit of the white stuff right up to the patio door.

To get to the furniture will be quite a dig.
The pansies, daffodils and crocus are deeply buried in the back by the fence. My two lovely rose bushes in the front garden are hidden near that lamp that is situated on a small post barely peeping out.
Indoors it's it's quite cosy and the plants are cheerfully and elegantly blooming but it just does not feel right. Spring is not filling our hearts with all it's joys yet. 

Outdoors it was the very opposite last year as everything began early.
Being blessed I decided to use our means to enjoy more travelling.
 We leave in a few days heading south to be able to enjoy some warmer outdoor living. Buddy is excited and happy that I have recovered well enough to take on this journey with the eye surgeon's permission to fly. Hubby is joining us this time. He really wants a break before he'll be bogged down with this year's client's tax returns. We hope to enjoy more of the bright red blooms that grow outdoors all around and are liberally used to decorate. 
And when we get back hopefully a warmer springlike weather will have commenced so we can enjoy our local outdoor gardens again.
Right now the birds have not yet appeared. Usually they would be busy chirping early in the morning. Instead it remains eerily quiet. 
Across the big pond my daughters daffodils are blooming in her Bromley area garden. Some type of palm tree that can survive outdoors in her London suburb has been replanted to another spot and she is grilling in her shorts and Tees..
How is your spring shaping up?