Saturday, January 11, 2014


   Today there's a thaw outdoors, rain too and it's so gloomy yet it's a lovely break from that long, super cold and snowy spell that began before Christmas making life hard for so many.
Buddy's resting so I have some free time. 
   Today let me thank all of you for your kind comments each time I post. If only I had the determination to be more prompt in replies. Somehow that's still not in sync. I seem to be spending lots of my time entertaining Buddy and myself now more than ever. 
   Since hubby's fall in the summer I also try to do more of the cooking and cleaning. He was more of an equal partner for a while. He loves to cook. But months away from his regular practice time meant a lot of catching up. He's been at his office most Saturday's and many Sundays too since September. Good that he truly loves his job and that it brings him pleasure to be at his office. 
   It's wise to let my septuagenarian enjoy his time for he's likely to be happier and live longer as a result. He's looking weel these days. 
Christmas Day Photo
Now about Buddy; January 10th was the date for surgery to have his three wisdom teeth removed. One being decayed, the surgeon decided it was wise to do all three. To be at the hospital by 7:45 was quite a chore. My men moving by 6:30 was unusual since we tend to live more in a relaxed mode, our usual morning routine starting around 8:45 with breakfast at 10.
But on this day by 9:30 Buddy was all set and ready to head to the OR to loose his "wisdom" as he put's it. I snapped his photo as he was being led to be under the knife. Was he afraid?
January 10 Photo
Absolutely not! Look at him smile. 
He's had open heart surgery twice and a knee done too! He just has the greatest trust and attitude about health related things now that he's a  40 year old man!
Yes, I believe he has matured into a greater person who teaches me more than many of you can imagine!
What a blessing he is!
And he grins knowing I post stories about him. 
It's my gift to him.
He loves to read them and your comments too!