Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Festive Times

  As the eve of Christmas arrives very soon two Advent Sundays have already past. So has St. Nicholas Day on December 6th, a big day of celebration when I was a little girl. Buddy and I ate some treats to celebrate.
  It has been quite a year of events in my family this year and I'm so glad that so far all keeps working out for the best.
  I was relieved when my eye surgery was post poned to January 27th  because I worried how it might affect our festive season. Usually it takes several weeks for an eye to heal and recover so it has full clarity.
  Our first Christmas time in our current home is shaping up quite nicely. We have started decorating both the indoor and outside as you can see above.
  Some presents have also been purchased and need wrapping.
  But most of all I have missed our regular blogging and my hope is to get back to a better schedule. I send you all many thanks because I know you are such great followers who care about what I share and keep encouraging me with such positive comments!
  Please let me know how your days are shaping up.
I am going to try to catch up on your posts I have missed.
Buddy is fine and awaits Santa patiently. If you feel like going to my other blog from the link above you can learn more about Buddy and our latest fun together.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Love seeing your new home --all decorated for Christmas. Seems as if time is flying by... We only have two more weeks 'til it's OVER... Crazy!!!!! BUT--I'm gonna savor the moments left and enjoy them!!!!

Glad you are blogging again. I miss hearing from you. Love to Buddy and you.

Sandra said...

your tree is gorgeous, so is your living room. that decoration outside is stunning and one i would like to have inside or outside... enjoy your first Christmas in your new home and tell buddy I know he has been nice and will not get any coal in his stockings

George said...

I really like your Christmas tree and your window looks very festive from both the inside and outside. I'm glad you're going to be able to enjoy your first Christmas in your new home before having your surgery.

Olga said...

The decorations are beautiful. It is so good to hear from you and I so hope all is well.

Dee said...

Dear Buddy, your smiling face in the picture of your tooth operation day makes me smile also. Thank you. I admire you for being so brave. I had teeth pulled before but just one at a time. To do three at a time . . . Wow! I hope you got to eat lots of ice cream when it was over. That's my favorite part of an operation--eating ice cream and having malts and sodas.

Take care or yourself and tell your mom "hi" from me. Peace to you, Buddy.