Wednesday, December 25, 2013


   On December 21st the weather changed. Rain fell and then the temperature dropped. All was covered in ice. The same thing happened again the next day and this caused our city some major grief with many power outages. Two large city hospitals were without power. By Monday the city traffic was in chaos. Subway trains were out. Street cars wee cancelled. No power was there for them to run. Street traffic lights were out. Driving was a challenge that needed much patience. And to make matters more difficult many stores could not open. Of course there were thousands of homes that had no power. It was a very tough pre Christmas situation.
   By Tuesday some repairs had been made but it became clear that in our city there would be homes without power on December 25! Imagine the old fashioned Christmas those families would be faced with if they could bear to stay in their unheated homes while the temperature had dropped to -14C during the night. Most would have had to find a warm shelter or friend and relatives to get through this. Some homes will not have their power back until Friday!
   Our area was not badly affected as it is newer and not many trees were large enough to fall on hydro wires to cause outages but we saw a lot of damage nearby.
   Our small trees looked rather pretty coated with ice, iced. 

We hope your festive time is going well and that you were not chilled by any bad weather. 
   We wish you all the very best at this special time of the year.

P.S. I wonder if my two roses will come back after such a nasty icy time.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Festive Times

  As the eve of Christmas arrives very soon two Advent Sundays have already past. So has St. Nicholas Day on December 6th, a big day of celebration when I was a little girl. Buddy and I ate some treats to celebrate.
  It has been quite a year of events in my family this year and I'm so glad that so far all keeps working out for the best.
  I was relieved when my eye surgery was post poned to January 27th  because I worried how it might affect our festive season. Usually it takes several weeks for an eye to heal and recover so it has full clarity.
  Our first Christmas time in our current home is shaping up quite nicely. We have started decorating both the indoor and outside as you can see above.
  Some presents have also been purchased and need wrapping.
  But most of all I have missed our regular blogging and my hope is to get back to a better schedule. I send you all many thanks because I know you are such great followers who care about what I share and keep encouraging me with such positive comments!
  Please let me know how your days are shaping up.
I am going to try to catch up on your posts I have missed.
Buddy is fine and awaits Santa patiently. If you feel like going to my other blog from the link above you can learn more about Buddy and our latest fun together.