Friday, June 28, 2013


Here's the first rose to bloom on one of the two roses I planted in early June. Buddy chose it. We were very inspired by Betsy and George Adamsposts of all their gorgeous roses, so unique and so colourful. We wanted some too. It was so exciting to see it bloom for the first time.

We have more sad news. The Mr. fell on his head on June 18th and remains in ICU with brain trauma and is on a respirator. He is heavily sedated so we have no clue yet what his outcome will be. It seems we are experiencing too many very rough patches in our lives at this time.

Though this may sound repetitive, we miss you all a lot and hope to make time to send you our comments as soon as time we have a better moment. You are our online friends and we enjoy interacting with you a lot. Buddy always smiles when he finds his name and reads your messages. We wish that you stay well and that you remain patient with us. 

July is just around the corner! Time has been racing by. Half of 2013 is over and for us it's been tough!!!!