Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Unpacking seems to take forever.
We are working as much as we can to get all things in their place.
Unfortunatley this work has taken a lot of time from our fun with blogging and reading your posts.
We are now trying to get back to your great posts.
Please will you visit us too?

Friday, April 5, 2013


As most of you know moving is a big task. There is nothing simple about taking one's stuff from one place to an other. Our first challenge after we got possession of the house was to find out why we had a gas leak in the kitchen around the fancy gas stove. We called our gas provider emergency number and waited. We brought garden chairs and a small side table so we could wait in comfort as we played on our phones but first we opened windows to air out some of the smell.
Buddy likes the new place. In the photo he's sitting in the library area.

The service person found the leak, capped the area and told us we had to get a different person for the repair job. So we booked that and he next day we returned to our same little spot to wait. After three hours the repair was done. Now we must get ready for our movers. Closets are waiting to be emptied!

We shall be in our place by the 15th. Let's hope the rest of the transfer will be smooth.