Friday, March 1, 2013


March is here already and we are still surrounded by mountains of snow. Buddy and I decided we'd have a fun lunch to end February. We just had to get out of the house. We wanted to see if we could find anything green. We ate at Pickle Barrel. Here's Buddy eating stir fry with chopsticks.

We didn't find much green.
But we did get help with the snow shovelling. Look at the huge pile that a sidewalk plough put right behind our car. It was the very heavy type of snow, not good for us to move but daughter came from downtown to get us cleared so we could move again.


Sandra said...

hope it all melts away soon and the green returns.

Sandra said...

tell buddy I am impressed he can eat with chop sticks

Olga said...

Wow, that is a lot of snow. I am glad you had help to move it away. I am very impressed with the chop sticks, Buddy!

Betsy Adams said...

Tell Buddy that I like his hat. How did he do with the chopsticks? I am not very good at it--but hubby does well (since he's been in China).

WOOOOO--that's alot of snow. Hope it melts soon. We have snow this morning --but it's not sticking to anything much.

George said...

I'm sorry you found more white stuff than green, but it looks as if you had a wonderful lunch. I enjoy eating stir-fry with chopsticks.

Arkansas Patti said...

I am impressed with Buddy's chop stick prowess. I have tried but never quite mastered them.
I know you must be sick of it but the snow looks great to me.

Marie said...

Snow is so lovely...and yet so tiresome after a while. It is especially so when we have to get out in it, driving or even walking on our sidewalks. It's cold and wet and slippery. Just not much fun after the first time or two. I know you will be so happy to see spring! Eating with the chopsticks looks like fun, though. :-)