Monday, July 9, 2012

No Photos

Sadly my iPhoto program was updated at an Apple store after things weren't okay and now nothing works. I wonder at the level of competency of some staff. I assured them my files had an issue and that I wanted a complete restore. They told me they had a better way. I watched as they downloaded a file from another client while she had gone for coffee. They they added it to my files! they really are arrogant and believe what they do is correct. Apple to Apple is okay! HAHA! 
Buddy and I had some great shots to share but until my not being able to access my files my photo blog will have no photos:(


Dee said...

Dear Heidi, I'm sorry to learn that things are not going well with your photographs and Apple. I do so enjoy the ones you post. Let's hope this problem resolves itself. Peace.

Olga said...

Aah, don't you just hate that kind of arrogance. i do hope you can get a fix for this situation.

Sandra said...

sorry to hear this, so are they in your computer? or in your phone? i keep my photos on external hard drives

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sorry to hear about your photo problems, Heidi.... Apple is usually more competent than that.... Hope they can restore things for you SOON.