Monday, February 27, 2012

Cottage Cheese Cake

Recently I decided I needed to use up some cottage cheese. My visiting daughter had already planned to use the ricotta cheese in a lasagna. Since the oven would be on, a cheese cake seemed a good way to go.
It's been years since I made my mom's style of cheese cake. With no written recipe around, I had to depend on my recall skills. That was the real challenge. Soon the basic batter was ready and in the pan. Creating the cottage cheese mix to place into the centre of the batter was what I had to guess at.
Seems I did alright because this cake was eaten before it was even completely cooled and plated!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bozos and Lego

   Buddy and I must take time for stimulating activities since both of us are now approaching the age of dementia faster than ever. The two of us went to see the movie 'Iron Lady' and discussed in detail how sad it is that Maggie can no longer rely on her memory to be accurate. We share that problem at times and we laugh as we call each other Bozos.
    Recently we completed a Harry Potter Lego project. It may look simple but let me assure you we had some real reconstruction issues when we learned that we had put some parts into an incorrect position and could not build the roof to complete the thing! But as you can see we were finally successful.
We purchased a new project involving a city harbour but have been hesitating to get started because once we do it's all we do. Yeah for Lego!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flora for a Dragon Guy

These beauties are a part of the bouquet that was a gift for hubby. He has made it one more year and is now 72! Today older daughter will come by and we'll go out for dinner. Buddy loves Chinese food and has hinted he hopes we go to the Mandarin. He may just get lucky. It's the year of the Dragon and for hubby that's a good year according to that system. He was born in the year of the Dragon. Do you know the symbol for your birth year?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Red roses and chocolate mousse
 celebrating a special day during this month of

               Heart by-pass op 9 weeks ago and hubby's fine
                               back at his work, his second love
                                 First love got beautiful roses, 
                                               Chocolates too!
                     Gifted him my smiles, some red wine, 
                                               pistachios ,
                                           chocolate mousse 
                                                   SWEET :) 
                         Moments  -sharing and caring- so special 
                                          Buddy grins and
                                   Each warm hearted soul

Saturday, February 4, 2012

How would you like this kind of view from your retirement home? 
You are looking out over Lake Simcoe, part of the Trent-Servern Waterway of Ontario. It is mainly used in the summer by boaters who wish to explore many of the natural beauties of this province. 
Visible to the left is land known as Georgina Island, home of the Chippewas, part of the First Nation group of he Ojibaway. Ferry service connects it in the summer. In winter there is usually a time of solid ice. That's when cars may move about on the lake. But not yet this winter!