Monday, January 16, 2012

Tree Squirrels

   See those huge nests?
   For years I thought they belonged to some big birds. Now at the age of 65 I learn that they are created by squirrels! I marvel at the fact that it's possible to learn such a common thing so let in life.
   Has this happened to you too?

Thursday, January 5, 2012


  In June my youngest daughter got Ellie, a rescue cat (born January 19, '06) from a pet centre. We have all grow very fond of her and her funny ways. She is most social with our two daughters but tolerates us. However, in three weeks she will be leaving our home. She's moving out with my eldest daughter who has rented a place closer to her tattoo shop in the city. 
   Ellie's made a FEDEX box her latest place to occupy and we tease her about shipping her elsewhere in it. 

    I think she'll be missed most of all by our the one who adopted her before she was engaged in July and then married at the end of October. It all happened so fast. In a few weeks she'll be heading to the UK to be with her hubby because her  immigration papers have been approved. 
   Ellie and our daughters will be missed, though with modern technology we can easily stay in touch. Even Ellie can be visited 'in camera'.
   Now by the end of January only Buddy, hubby and me remain in our 4 bedroom rental, our home since the house fire. It's time for our departure too. We've talked about moving and hubby has asked me to seriously look to find us a new home. Living separated from his 'little' girls soon brings him to a sadness that he displays openly. We must change that. 
   Departing can be so hard.