Wednesday, November 16, 2011


     Glamour and spectacular outfits appeared at our daughters wedding.

     First is the outfit she wore to the reception on Saturday , October 29.

     It was a bit like a Bollywood gala but there was a blend of many cultures.
The eve before the wedding we had a mendhi celebration, lots of dances and fun.
My German sister who is married to a Dutchman and my Italian sister in law  who remarried with a Dane after my brother was killed in an accident sit with her.
And here you have the proud parents with a very proud Buddy.
We all had an amazing time and wish the couple well. Buddy has gained some more sisters and a brother with whom he danced to Michael Jackson and brought the house down cheering!!


Sandra said...

she is radiant. did you say they will be living in the UK? my memory is shot

Sandra said...

glad you added the three of you, that is a really good photo

George said...

These are wonderful pictures from the wedding. Your daughter looks radiant, and I really like that last picture.

Dee said...

What wonderful pictures. The smile on your daughter's face makes my own lips spread into delight.

What a festival of rejoicing the pictures show us with family gathered from far and new. I'm so glad that Buddy has gained new sisters and a brother and that he danced to Michael Jackson. What joy!


Marie said...

Oh, how beautiful the bride is! And what a wonderful wedding celebration! It brought tears to my eyes to read about it and see the photos. May the young couple have all the blessings in their new life together that can be found!

Shammickite said...

That wedding certainly was an International Affair! Congratulations to everyone.... looks like a fabulous time.

Desiree said...

I am so glad I noticed you have a second blog! I'd not spotted this before. What a delight to see these gorgeous, colourful pictures. Your daughter is very beautiful and looked so serene and stunning with her handsome groom. The family groups were lovely to see, too, especially of you, your hubby and Buddy! What a joyous occasion it must have been.

Joyful said...

Your daughter is stunning! You certainly have a multicultural family. I love that.