Monday, November 28, 2011

Kind of One

 On Saturday we drove downtown past the CN Tower to Exhibition Place. Our city is exploding with new buildings. It is currently the fastest growing metropolis in the world! Hope these structures are built soundly during this frenzy. The tower is almost lost is this snap!
 We parked and entered the Direct Energy Centre, a magnificent building designed for a variety of venues. Below is the interior of the hallway to display areas. The architecture and design is so fitting for this.
 Inside Hall B we were greeted by 800 artisans all displaying their talents and hoping for some sales. It is one of their most important annual shows and it allows us to purchase truly unique and beautifully handcrafted works. Included is just about anything you can imagine. Below is a peek of one of the aisles.
 Having attended this show in past years, this year's swept us away! It is so professionally organized, well laid out. All the items are very much one of a kind and of great quality too! There's even an app for this now. Below is  part of the cover from the pamphlet that lists all the participants and how they may be contacted.
 Speaking directly to some of the artists gave us a new insight into how some of their items were created. And of course we found a few 'must haves' for this year's seasonal gift giving. What an outstanding time we had!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


     Glamour and spectacular outfits appeared at our daughters wedding.

     First is the outfit she wore to the reception on Saturday , October 29.

     It was a bit like a Bollywood gala but there was a blend of many cultures.
The eve before the wedding we had a mendhi celebration, lots of dances and fun.
My German sister who is married to a Dutchman and my Italian sister in law  who remarried with a Dane after my brother was killed in an accident sit with her.
And here you have the proud parents with a very proud Buddy.
We all had an amazing time and wish the couple well. Buddy has gained some more sisters and a brother with whom he danced to Michael Jackson and brought the house down cheering!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Ottawa is where our nation has it's annual event and we commemorate bilingually.Both English and French are official languages. And all religions are represented. That is what we do in Canada.

And we are proud of our daughter who took time to serve in Air Cadets. She marched in the band to honour those who gave their lives during past wars. This Remembrance was held right here in our local community.
We should all give back to our country what ever we can. It is our duty and we should be proud of the rights and freedoms we are blessed with.

Our American friends are also remembering their veterans on their Veterans Day today. They share the same blessing and honour their fallen for the same reasons.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Still Dancing

   Forty two years ago we took our marriage vows and today we are still dancing. Our anniversary falls just three days after our youngest daughter's wedding and we have danced a lot this past weekend. We shall likely just have a quiet little dinner to celebrate this one.