Monday, March 14, 2011


This sitar is sitting on a dresser abandoned in our upper hall. Originally I bought it for hubby but when SMK saw it she asked to have lessons. Within a short few weeks she learned what many take years to master. Her ustad, a Mr.Khan, was most impressed with her ability. Still my multitalented daughter preferred visual art and has chosen it for a career. Thus the sitar remains a dust collector. I hope someday she will make better use of her musical ability because it is a special gift. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Our Buddy's a skilled, high functioning Down syndrome young man who struggles daily with a skin condition (over 80% of his body being affected) that just doesn't give him any relief. There are trial programs of injections that offer some improvement but the medications come with a huge lists warning of serious side effects. What a dilemma!
There are days now when he can hardly walk. The pain in his right knee is severe. If only I knew a way to help. I am saddened by his suffering but must not show it. He is so brave and I must be too. But it is hard.