Saturday, January 15, 2011

Samie's Orchid

This lovely blossom has just opened . The plant sits on our kitchen table where there is plenty of exposure to the sun in winter.  It took exactly a year for this plant to bloom again. All of us are very happy that it did. It's such sunny contrast to the deep snow nearby on the deck.

Have you ever had an orchid? Have you ever had it bloom again?


Patty said...

I've had both the larger type orchid and the smaller kind for corsages. But never one in my house to bloom. And I love yellow, it's always such a bright cheerful color for winter time. Hope you're having a lovely week-end. I made a big kettle of beef vegetable soup today. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

George said...

This is a beautiful orchid. I haven't tried to grow orchids, although I think they are very beautiful plants.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Thanks for all the information on Hasso Freischlad's letter.

Abraham Lincoln said...

I found another question you asked on My Birds Blog about what I used to create the effects.

I just use Photoshop.

I think you can do the same in Photoshop Elements.

Arkansas Patti said...

Everytime I see one I think--I am going to try that.
My dad grew them. Maybe this time I will. I am afraid my wrap around porch will not let enough day light in. We will see.

Sandra said...

this is so bright and cheery, great to have during cold weather. i had one orchid given as a gift, it blooms sometimes, it is sitting outside lacking care and has almost died several times. i don't like plants that need care. i like the ones that just grow by themselves. i am not a gardener, but i like looking at what others grow

Olga said...

Orchids are beautiful flowers, but I have never had one. There is an orchid show here in Venice (FL) every February. Maybe this year I will actually make it to the venue.
The one time we were on the way, we got T-boned by a guy running a stop light. That kind of took the steam out of the plans for the day. No one was hurt, but my car was just never the same.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a gorgeous orchid... I have never raised them --but we saw them in November when we visited the Biltmore Gardens. They smell heavenly!!!!

Beautiful photos and I love your header.