Monday, October 4, 2010

Cool and Crisp

It was a perfect day for an October photo op at the ponds. Cool and crisp air surrounded me and the afternoon sunlight added a brilliance to all the colours that bounced around me.

   Hues of yellows, oranges and red are popping up everywhere.
The reflection of the sky on the pond creates a stunning shade of blue. 
The structures depicted are a combination of a century farmhouse and new suburban growth. Their setting seems so rural with a dirt path winding through their neighbourhood.  


Cheryl said...

What beautiful photos!

George said...

You got some wonderful pictures of October trees and scenery. They're all beautiful.

Sandra said...

wowy kazowie!!!! the header is wonderful. that is a super great photo. all of these are good but the header is beyond good. perfect even.

Arkansas Patti said...

I am so glad to see such color and what a pretty pond.
We are holding our breath here that it will be a good fall season for color. You give us hope.
The header with the tinged lives really is wonderful.

Pearl said...

Isn't it a beautiful time of year! Not to mention the re-emergence of last year's sweaters -- I'm like a rich woman over here!


p.s. And yes! I still get earaches -- can't be out in a cold wind for long without stuffing something into my ears. And it's funny that you mention my dad cooking for me -- I'm sure he did. Today's post is about that: food as an expression of love.


TechnoBabe said...

The water is gorgeous and the colors in the last photo with the greens and the tree stumps is so pretty.

Joyful said...

Beautiful photos. I see you've captured all the lovely fall foliage.