Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today, while sitting in my hotel room situated under a flight path to a runway at the busy main airport, I reviewed the pictures I recently took while on a walk in my local neighbourhood where there's a smaller airport . These photos were taken just minutes apart. Smaller does not mean less busy. In fact Canada, with it's small population, has the second highest number of airports and flight schools in the world. Maybe it's because there's lots of empty space??
As I shot these I wondered if the pilots above me could see each other. I know they can talk over their radios. I stood there awhile and reflected.
It must be an exhilarating feeling to be in control of one's flight.

Friday, October 22, 2010


These are pictures of the fire that occurred in our home that still stands waiting reconstruction. The area shows the worst destruction of the home. The first pic shows a ceiling in the garage which is the floor of the room in the two next pics where wooden sheets were laid to cover damaged. When you look at the wall studs, charred bricks behind them, does it make you wonder how this could be possible?
Buddy and I escaped through the now boarded up window. We were in the room when the smoke moved in. I took Buddy to the window and opened it so he could breath. Seeing a neighbour on her front lawn, I asked her to call for help.
This room used to be Buddy's bedroom. Located on the second level, it is over the garage and not directly connected to the basement where the fire began. And there is a problem here. It should not have burned so badly. The builder had not properly followed the building code of sealing the basement properly. 
To date we are still negotiating to get this place fixed. Each builder who sees the house is giving us conflicting and different options, making the process a tougher one. We had hoped it would be under construction by now but the process for the best solution continues.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Notes of Beauty

Here are beautiful trees that make us want to paint them.

October is so colourful.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cool and Crisp

It was a perfect day for an October photo op at the ponds. Cool and crisp air surrounded me and the afternoon sunlight added a brilliance to all the colours that bounced around me.

   Hues of yellows, oranges and red are popping up everywhere.
The reflection of the sky on the pond creates a stunning shade of blue. 
The structures depicted are a combination of a century farmhouse and new suburban growth. Their setting seems so rural with a dirt path winding through their neighbourhood.