Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wagons and Fairs

What would the world be like without the discovery of wagons? I have fond memories dating back to my earliest years. I used see farmers at this time of year hauling their harvested crops. Horses pulled their load. I remember the milkman delivering our daily milk in the beaches area of Toronto. He used a horse drawn wagon right up to the late 1950's. I reflect back on those days as I stare at this wagon ornament on my ledge. I wish it were filled with a huge bouquet of local fall flowers. Currently it holds this Burbury container filled with a harvested product that I'm not very fond of. But I love the man who owns it and that matters the most. He shares my passion for wagons. During our old farm days he used to let us take turns driving the tractor that pulled our very used and old hay wagon through the fields with us on it.. He would guide Buddy when it was his turn at the wheel. They were a great team. They still are.  

Fall reminds me of wagons and farms and fairs. We will be going to the fall fair soon and we'll visit the wagons on display. It's a family fun thing we like to do. How about you? Got any wagon tales to share? 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Keys to Jamaica

Our keys are easily stored on this cute souvenir. We're planning a trip. We've been to Mexico twice and Buddy liked both places. Would he enjoy himself in Jamaica? Is it safe? Have you been? 

Friends brought us this. They went long ago. We are wishing to try Jamaica but the media has reported some  not so nice activities happening there lately. Should we believe them?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Buddy is thrilled at the changes in colours all around the pond. We like spending time together and sharing ideas so he helped to make the picture selections for this post. 

He wanted them posted extra large. He feels it shows off the beauty of the colours more. He hopes you will like his ideas. The red maple leaf photo is his favourite. Mine is the reflection at the pond. Do you have one?

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Blue Sky

The best part about blogging is the ideas it generates in my life. Taking photos of clouds came from Joyful, Snap That, a fellow blogger. The pictures were taken while I strolled along the pond this afternoon. Today's sky yielded a tapestry of beautiful cloud formations blended with many shades of blue.

There's an X in one of these. A plane flew by and was captured too. The lamp post adds a touch of familiarity but the blackbird that once sat on it has headed south. Fall is here. Can you spot the two photos depicting the same cloud formation? Have you read the HEIDI posts on my other blog? Link's at the top of this blog.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yellow Finches

The feeder and watering hole (we created because bloggers gave us the incentive to) are visited hourly by families of yellow finches who trust us. These photos were taken from our deck today with a cellphone camera. Wishing for a macro lens for the Rebel. The original post of these finches appeared on August 2, 2010. Can you figure out why I posted a similar (even same title) on September 2, 2010?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pits Nuts Stones

The tree is full of fruits. How gorgeous they appear. Mystery fruit until I took a challenge to learn. The fruit is that of a walnut tucked deeply inside just like a peach stone inside a peach. But it's not a cling-free stone variety. Could there be such a variation in walnuts?
How strange that we have so many labels for what's at the centre of a fruit; seeds, pits, nuts, even stones.