Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hub o' Oak

Here's a glimpse at the oak kitchen table that has been the centre of our home life. For our toddlers there was a matching high chair that converted into a small rocking chair. It ended up in our family room until my niece had her boys and it was passed on to them. But our table remains firmly planted beside the kitchen. We all love being in the kitchen area. It did not surprise us when the more recent houses added family rooms merged with kitchens. Isn't the kitchen a hub of activity? It is in our home. And it's filled with lot's of love. Now you can see where a bit of Rosa's bounty landed, the oak hub and rightfully so!  


George said...

Very good! It looks like a beautiful table. No wonder you held onto it.

Sandra said...

yum on the bounty and the table is beautiful. glad you saved it from the fire. this is a good photo, your new camera and YOU are doing GREAT